We currently offer 3 menu options these rotate on a weekly basis, although we are always reinventing and redefining old favourites. If you find yourself looking for something specific drop us a line, we’d love to get your ideas out of the kitchen and on to your table.

Dinner is Done has developed a menu to keep you well fed with balanced, delicious and generously portioned meals that are fresh and exciting for us to create and for you to enjoy.

We have alternating menus and these will develop as seasonal produce becomes available, so you don’t get the same items day in and day out. Watch this space or join our mailing list.

Classic Menu

Select this option if you prefer hearty, family style, home cooked meals that are packed with flavour.

R95 per portion

Low Carb Menu

This is for you if you’re trying to watch your weight and prefer a low carb option, you’ll have the same base as the classic food but with a low carb versions.

R100 per portion

Banting Menu

This is for you if you're currently following a banting lifestyle or are new to the banting diet, we make the meals simple so you don't need to think about these for yourself. No carb, full fat!

R105 per portion